SMART teaches a number of undergraduate courses as part of various engineering degree programs at Loughborough University. These focus on equipping students with an understanding of the key principles in sustainable manufacturing and sustainable product design, and are designed to suit the requirements of students from a wide range of engineering backgrounds including mechanical, manufacturing and design.

In order to better equip young engineers and embed sustainability considerations throughout engineering education in the future, our plan is to extend the scope and number of sustainability related courses within undergraduate programmes at Loughborough University.

Undergraduate Modules

The section below gives details of the undergraduate modules that we currently offer. 

Sustainable Product Design

Module Aim: To provide an understanding of the tools and techniques available to facilitate sustainable product design and provide knowledge of the product design processes that can reduce environmental impacts and promote sustainable practices.

Module Content: Sustainable product design, design for the environment, life cycle assessment, Eco-Indicator, quantitative and qualitative design guides, producer responsibility legislation, sustainable product design strategies, case studies, and project-oriented activities.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Module Aim: To encourage students to consider the impact that manufacturing has on the environment and to develop an understanding of the need for environmental legislation and the impact that the design process has on the quest for sustainable development.

Module Content: The human impact on the environment. Health and Safety, environmental and waste disposal legislation in the UK and European Union and the need for sustainable consumption. The concepts of sustainable development, ecodesign and life cycle assessment. Design for disassembly, recycling and servicability. Resource conservation. Business management issues, including Environmental Management System Standards and Sustainable Business Models.