Projects - End-of-Life Management of Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Research Area:
Remanufacturing and Recycling

2012 - 2015

Funding Source:
Loughborough University PhD Scholarship

4 years


SMART Members:
Shahin Rahimifard , Jie Li


Summary: The overall aim of this research is to design and develop the next generation of vehicle recycling technologies and processes, specifically tailored for the new components and material mix included within hybrid/electric vehicles.

Project Description: Hybrid/Electric (H/E) vehicles are now seen as future solution for sustainable transportation, and therefore their market share is rapidly increasing annually.  However, due to the technologies used and material mix included, the current H/E vehicles cannot be recycled using existing vehicle recycling facilities. On one hand, the composition of H/E vehicles has changed dramatically, for example, increasing amount of lighter and non-metallic materials are embedded. In addition, the economic benefits transfer from recovery and recycling of relatively large amount of metallic material to dealing with relatively low concentration strategically important materials such as rare earth element and precious metals. Therefore, on both the technological and economic levels, there is a need to investigate the challenges involved in recycling of H/E vehicles and aims to develop end-of-life management options for future H/E vehicles.

Project Highlights:

            1.    Assessment of end-of-life requirements of H/E vehicle components.

2.    Identification and specification of the recycling processes required for H/E vehicle components.

3.    Development of future vehicle recycling processes capable of maximising value recovery from H/E vehicle components.

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