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Sam Simaei MEng


Phone: 01509 225401

Expertise: CFD (Computational Fluids Dynamics), FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CAD Designing & Rapid prototyping, Control Engineering


Sam Simaei is a research engineer in the Centre for SMART at the Wolfson School of Engineering. He holds a Master's of Mechanical Engineering (MEng) from the University of Portsmouth where his dissertation was on the designing and prototyping of a Rotary Workbench for PROSIG Company.

Here at Loughborough University his research interests are in the development of a configurable robotic line for disassembly and remanufacturing purposes. He also has interests in advanced topics related to his research including:

- Parallel robotics

- Cognitive Robotics

- Rapid prototyping

- AI (Artificial Intelligence)

- Control Engineering

- Image processing

- Machine and Deep Learning

- Fuzzy Engineering

- Convolutional Neural Networks

He also worked for over 13 years in various roles including Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Quality management system implementation and auditing, accounting, management roles, strategic planning, PR etc. in numerous companies.



Robotic disassembly and Remanufacturing of e-wastes:

Due to the large quantities, varying sizes and types of end-of-life products in e-waste, current recycling technologies mostly rely on manual fragmentation and separation techniques and processes. In conventional mechanical recycling facilities, pre-processing is often done through human sorting, where poor liberation and incorrect sorting results in losses of Strategically Important Materials (SIMs), especially Precious Metals. Therefore, pre-processing of waste streams prior to fragmentation has been recognised as a critical factor in successful recovery of SIMs.

Research on Robotic Disassembly of e-wastes aims to utilise the flexibility and re-configurability of robotic systems to develop an automated approach for improving concentration of SIMs prior to fragmentation processes. This involves extracting parts (sub-assemblies) containing large amount of SIM (PCBs, Magnets, Memory cards, Chips, Screens, etc.) using designated devices, machines and technologies including robots.


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