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Konstantinos Tsiamas MSc, BA


Phone: 01509 225 402

Expertise: Supply Chain, Logistics, Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems, Food Security


Konstantinos joined the Centre for SMART in July 2017 as a PhD student to investigate Resilience in UK Food Supply Chains.

Previously, Konstantinos studied History and Archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and has an MSc in Management from Loughborough University. He gained his first experience with supply chains as a Supply Officer during his military time in Greece, and he speaks 5 languages (Greek, English, German, Spanish and Romanian). He is also a member of E.LE.TO, a non-profit organisation for Terminology. He is a part of a team who created an online Greek-English dictionary in telecommunications with 127,000 entries.

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The project title is 'Ingredients of a Resilient Food Supply Chain'.

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