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Guillermo García García BEng, MEng, PhD

Research Assistant


Phone: 01509 225402

Expertise: Industrial Manufacturing, Food Processing, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology


Guillermo joined the Centre for SMART in 2014 as a Research Assistant to investigate the sustainable manufacturing of food products. He completed a PhD in the eco-production of food at Loughborough University with a focus on ways to maximise the value of food waste and minimise its environmental, economic and social impacts.

He holds a BEng in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jaén and a BEng + MEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Granada, both in Spain. He has experience in the food sector thanks to his participation in different internships during and after his studies. He carried out microbiological analysis of dairy products in the Production Department’s laboratory of a Spanish company and researched collagen-based edible casings in the R&D Department of a leading company in its sector in Germany.



Broad Interests & Expertise

-       Industrial manufacturing

-       Food processing

-       Chemical Engineering

-       Biotechnology

Research Interests & Activities

Guillermo is currently developing a framework to optimise decision-making with the aim of finding the most sustainable solution for food waste management.

Research interests:

Food-waste management

Minimisation of waste generated in food supply chains

Resource efficiency in food manufacturing

Sustainable engineering

Closed-loop manufacturing and circular economy

Environmental impact assessment

Simulation of manufacturing processes


External Activities

Guillermo has been a member of Engineers Without Borders for many years and has collaborated with different NGOs in his spare time.

In 2012-2013 he participated as a volunteer in the European Voluntary Service project “EVS for Caucasus”, at Fundacja Dialog, in Bialystok (Poland). He was involved in educational activities with Chechen children and youngsters in a refugee centre.

He enjoys learning new languages and playing music.