SMART Alumni


Jie Li BSc BEco MSc PhD

Lecturer, Donghua University

Jie studied her undergraduate degrees at home in China, gaining both a BSc (hons) in Measurement and Control Technology and Equipment, and a BEco (hons) in Economics. Jie moved to the UK and to Loughborough in 2011 when she commenced study for an Msc (distinction) in Mechanical Engineering, taking particular interest in environmental science. She then moved on to undertake her doctorate as part of the SMART team.

Joining the Centre for SMART provided Jie with a great opportunity to engage in a project on “Next Generation Recycling of End-of-Life Electric Vehicles” and to work collaborately with industrial partners. Throughout her PhD programme, Jie obtained a strong understanding of waste management policies and legislation. Furthermore, an automated approach for end-of-life electric vehicle recycling and an associated multi-criteria assessment method were designed and developed. Jie graduated in 2016 with her PhD.

After graduating Jie worked at GEM (Wuhan) Urban Mining Resources Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. as a research assistant in the ELV Integrated Research Centre.

Jie is now a lecturer at Donghua University.