SMART Alumni


Gareth Coates MEng PhD

Chief Engineer, Hypermotive

As one of the founding members of SMART, the definition of the group was very much in its infancy, but provided a great platform on which to promote our niche research activites. My time at SMART involved everything, from organising conferences to disassembling cars, and I look back on the time fondly as it gave me the investigative research skills that have served me so well since.

I work in the green technology sector developing the next generation of Hydrogen fuel cell power modules. During my time at Intelligent Energy I have worked upon a diverse portfolio of programs from CHP systems to material handling. My primary role has been as mechanical functional lead on the Suzuki 2 wheeled joint development programs (Suzuki Burgman).  This has involved working closely with a reciprocal R&D division in Japan, while developing technology transfer activities at SMILE-FC, our Suzuki/IE jointed venture. 

Gareth now works as Chief Engineer with Hypermotive.