SMART Alumni


Oliver Gould B.Sc M.Sc, PhD

Business Development Executive, Links FF&E Ltd

Oliver studied chemistry at Loughborough University, taking particular interest in analytical chemistry and environmental science, where a fascination with sustainability was instigated. His interest in complex real world problems at the interface between the natural environment with the industrial environment led to PhD studies in the area of radioactive waste disposal. His PhD thesis described the influence of bacterial communities on the subsurface speciation and mobility of the nuclear waste product Technetium. This  cross-disciplinary work between environmental microbiology and (radio)chemistry was neatly complemented by subsequent  work on bioprocessing of minerals for eco-efficient metal extraction.

Joining the SMART team presented Oliver with an excellent opportunity to make a strong, tangible impact in an area of work which is integral to shaping the future of our planet. Oliver brought a fresh approach and devised innovative solutions within the sphere of the manufacturing industry; above all, he helped to facilitate beneficial changes that are sustainable.


Oliver is now a Business Development Executive with Links FF&E Ltd.