SMART Alumni


Liam Gardner B.Sc

Liam joined the Centre for SMART in January 2014 to undertake a PhD and engage in collaborative research and development in the field of sustainability. He is working in the area of Resource Efficient Manufacturing and is currently researching critical raw materials with a focus on rare earth elements.


Liam read Marine Biology as an undergraduate at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and continued his studies there obtaining a studentship for an MSc in Clean Technology. After graduating he went into industry and worked concurrently as National Environmental advisor for both the British Printing and Packing Industries Federation (BPIF) and the British Office Supplies and Services Federation (BOSS). There he engaged in a wide spectrum of environmental and sustainability work including environmental management and accreditation, energy and resource efficiency, carbon footprinting, development of Industry/UK/EU standards and representing the UK in both cross-sector and multinational sustainability projects. He then went on to work for himself as an independent environmental and sustainability consultant before returning to academia to obtain a doctorate.