Mission & Aims

Our mission is to develop new strategies, methodologies and supportive technologies for a sustainable approach to design, production, consumption and disposal of products that meets the customer’s needs as well as legislative, environmental and ethical standards whilst safeguarding the future prosperity of manufacturing business.

We aim to go beyond current incremental process improvements, towards the next generation of sustainability initiatives which are capable of dealing with challenges in resource scarcity, climate change, and global social and ethical inequities. We strongly believe this can only be achieved through incorporation of sustainability principles in the education of our engineers, managers, policy makers, and consumers.

Areas of Work

  1. New processes and tools for the inclusion of sustainability in product and process design.
  2. Resource efficient manufacturing with an emphasis on utilisation of renewable materials and energy.
  3. Promotion of environmentally sound waste management programs in manufacturing.
  4. Development of novel processes and technologies for remanufacturing, reuse and recycling of products.
  5. Information management and intelligent systems to support eco-intelligent manufacture.
  6. Innovative business and consumption models to support the provision of sustainable products and services.