Temple Life cycle modelling

The group has a wide range of expertise and are currently involved in a number of National and European programmes investigating the social, economic and environmental aspects of a varied range of consumer products and industrial processes. We have core knowledge and experience in life-cycle analysis, sustainable design, modelling of energy flow within manufacturing processes and end-of-life processing and recycling technologies. For a more comprehensive overview of our activities please click on the various aspects of the ‘SMART temple’ on the right or visit our project portfolio pages.


We are always keen to discuss possible opportunities for collaborative research and development projects with both academics and industrialists. If you have any enquires please use the ‘contact’ section.

SMART is a research and development centre formed in 2004 and located at Loughborough University. It's remit is to advance technologies related to sustainable manufacture and to promote effective end-of-life product retirement strategies in the wake of European legislation and corporate social responsibility.

The Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing and Reuse/Recycling Technologies


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