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The Centre for SMART made its presence felt in two areas at the M5 Advanced Manufacturing Conference hosted by Loughborough University on the 22nd of June.

As part of our work on industrial sustainability, we showcased some of our research with static displays of cleaning-in-place (CIP) using infrared sensing technology, vehicle components from our work with robotic disassembly, and a 3D printed hairdryer illustrating our work in design. The poster presentation featured augmented reality to provide conference attendees a uniquely interactive way to gain more insight into SMART activities on their own mobile devices.

SMART was also part of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Food Manufacturing area. Members of SMART were on hand to discuss their research on Food Waste and Food Supply Chain Resilience. This stand included one of the most popular posters at the conference titled 'Redesign of Biscuit Manufacture' illustrating a novel method of making biscuits without first adding water.

The Conference Programme featured Professor Shahin Rahimifard of SMART peering into his crystal ball with a presentation called 'Beyond Sustainability in Manufacturing'. This extremely well-received journey into the future of manufacturing highlighted the possible outcomes we face in 2050 based on the decisions we make today.

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